It really bugs me how breast cancer is sexualized and also how it’s treated like the only cancer that matters.

What about prostate cancer? Lung cancer? Skin cancer? Literally every other cancer? It’s almost like you only hear shit blaming people for other cancers. “It’s your fault. You smoked” “it’s your fault, you didn’t wear sunscreen” “it’s your fault, you didn’t have regular check ups”

This is just because other cancers aren’t “sexy”. You don’t see dudes wearing “I heart colons” bracelets. My dad had testicular cancer, and is thankfully fine now, but you don’t see people wearing “save the balls” t-shirts.

Breast cancer isn’t the only cancer that kills people. It isn’t even the only cancer that kills mostly women. What about ovarian cancer???

It’s important to raise money and awareness for things like this, but literally all the cancer awareness and charity I see seems to go to breast cancer. And ALL because pink is cute and everyone loves boobs. Not because people actually care about women. Let’s change it to every time you buy a pink toaster, it goes to a women’s shelter. ‘Cause I really think at this point, breast cancer has gotten enough of support.


Those of you who don’t live in Southern California are SO LUCKY for the next couple weeks because you won’t have to read/see Coachella posts from half of the people you know.

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